Strategic business advisory firm helping tech companies accelerate growth & profitability

Driven Growth helps B2B companies identify critical growth opportunities, transform successful sales and marketing strategies, and implement comprehensive strategies that accelerate growth and drive profitability. We provide proven solutions for Go-To-Market (GTM), Sales & Performance Improvement, Business Turnaround, Industry Expansion and more.

We bring a unique advantage to our clients, as our Team has over 2 decades of  running growth technology companies and experienced successful expansion in a variety of new industries. We know firsthand that the greatest symbol of success is continuous expansion and growth.

With the market conditions in Technology, Connected Car, IoT, Hospitality, Cruise and other B2B verticals constantly evolving, you need to transform your approach in order to rise above the competition. You need to provide your customers and clients with the greater value, better solutions and customized experiences they demand – or they will quickly switch suppliers if their goals are not met. You need Driven Growth.

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Connecting Your Unique Business Offerings With Actions That Drive Results & Growth


Your business is on the right track.  Our experience will help you with scaling operationally, providing business development support, creating strategic marketing programs or establishing new corporate partnerships.


You have found a new and exciting opportunity to grow your business even bigger.  Let us help you create a strategic business plan, operational plan, marketing plan or even help you land that first customer to solidify the opportunity.


You need new capital to grow, a larger company to unlock your true potential or maybe just liquidity for early investors, founders or employees, let us help you understand your needs and prepare for this critical next phase of your company’s life.